Writing about climate modeling

When I set out to write an article about climate modeling, I had no idea how complicated it would be. In the end, I simply didn’t have enough time to write the article I wanted to write. I just recently finished my senior thesis in environmental policy, which took me most of the academic year to research and write, and staring down the topic of climate modeling, I felt that in order to thoroughly explain it I would have to write the equivalent of a second thesis. Journalists will seldom have this kind of time to commit to one article.

Writing this article has been a rough lesson in the limitations of practical science communication by non-experts like me. I have to understand the limits of my time and understanding, because I would rather write a more simple article of higher quality than attempt a more complex one such as the one I just posted here that definitely isn’t my best work. Moving forward, I need to learn to more efficiently find information, and realize that I can’t approach research for articles like I would approach research for my thesis. Synthesizing complex scientific information in a short period of time is certainly a learned skill that I am still building.


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